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Outfit: Black & White Peplum

These shots might be the very last ones from the summer season… I can not believe that it’s so cold today!

Anyways, this is my first night go out with the peplum top –remember here, I have been waiting for the perfect peplum piece a long time. So I decided to wear it without jewels and loud accessories, finally I love the shades of black & white and camel. The top alone makes the look, don’t you think?

Pre-Fall 2012 Zara peplum top
Stefanel pants (2010)
Stuart Weitzman pumps (2010)
Vintage bag found here
YSL Lisptick “Rouge Volupté”

Comments on this post:

  1. That is a really amazing peplum top! The detailing is really interesting and yes, it makes the whole outfit. Love it!


    by Jolien, 3. September 2012
  2. OMG that peplum is amazing!! i have seen one of opening ceremony! in love with the edgy effect!

  3. That’s one beautiful top! I love the details and it accentuates your figure lovely. Looking pretty like always babe!


    by Theresa, 3. September 2012
  4. you have a beautiful style girl. its true you are a beautiful woman, but your style is also fantastic

    by fran, 4. September 2012
  5. That top is beyond fabulous! Love the brocade detail on the peplum!


    by alison dulaney, 4. September 2012
  6. Fantastic colour combo, I am all about, black and whites or black and greys!

    by melissa, 5. September 2012
  7. Totally like your top, but sorry, black and brown just dont match. nearly never!

    by Kay, 5. September 2012
  8. It’s not brown but camel :)

    by virginie, 5. September 2012
  9. Omg! I love the peplum top!!
    And yes you can wear black with camel, I do it all the time.

    by Sabrina, 13. September 2012

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