Outfit Gallery : Flowers & Stripes

March 29th, 2013

I already told you here about my kind of obsession with this season’s Dries collection, so I’ve been looking forward to match opposite prints, as far as opposite does not mean uncompatible- particularly flowers & stripes. According to me the key is to only mix neutral & bright colors together.

This time I experienced layerings around those 2 patterns in a (real) art gallery. Let’s go in 4 steps!

Picture by me

1. A simple chiffon blouse with pencil skirt. A nice starter.

DIY flower blouse, made here
Stefanel pencil skirt & tank top (2010)
Wolford tights
Vigneron wedges boots via Humanic (2012)

2. Add a cropped knit with large stripes.

Zara striped knit, new Spring 2013 season

3. Slip a business jacket on over your sweater and fit a fine belt on it.

Martin Margiela belt for H&M
Zara jacket, new Spring 2013 season

4. Adjust the flowers sleeves out – finished!

Photography by David Zehnder – Location: Gallery Bischof & Partner, Kotcha (Bern)

I hope you enjoyed it. a next gallery outfit, yes or no?

I wish you a great Easter weekend!

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