Paisley, Off White and Masking Tape

November 5th, 2015
Shop these unique pailey coasters made from upcycled IKEA basic product

Hi there! Finally November, it’s been time to finish the few hand-made things I wanted to upcycle for ages… But not only.

Here in Switzerland we’re having a wonderful, sunny fall season; If this is the reason why I get to use this paisley pattern… Who knows! The black background matches perfectly with the flower paisley pattern. It reminds me somehow of the old fabrics in my grand ma’s house.

Shop these unique pailey coasters made from upcycled IKEA basic product

So I used it to recover some home decor items, like these glass coasters. They were basic pieces by Ikea, couldn’t help to upcycle it! It think it will look chic on a table embellished with, for example, one linen table cloth.

Find this item and some more in ATELIER 30.

Today H&M launched its new designer collection, of course everyone heard about it. I had to think about this DIY post on a tee-shirt from 2010, about the first pieces I did for this blog. Time flies! To me, these H&M collaborations are live good movies. The first series are always the best.

Still, I discovered this pullover by Viktor & Rolf in my closet. Its color is off-white, it has a big bow with a silver heart pendent. ‘My heart beats for you’. Had to wear it few times, its material is quite warm for winter.

Shop this second hand angora pullover Viktor and Rolf by HM in ATELIER 30

I’m a bit nostalgic of these times, so I decided to sell it. Find it in my shop ATELIER 30 as well.

Last but not least: I posted this DIY on a wall using masking tape some time ago, already saw it? I’m back on the swiss blog Style Notes -this time on the DIY column! Really glad for it.

What to do with masking tape and how spectacular it might embellish your walls -without damaging the paint, or making holes…

Draw geometric forms, animals, and even landscapes… This is Zurich (see on the right), I get helped from a classic sketch of the old city. Think graphic, and let’s start. It’s quite easy and really cheap. Patience is all you need!

I found many city graphic shapes on the web, for cities like London and New York of course. I think it’s also a versatile way to change your decor quickly, according to the season and your mood.

All you can do with masking tape: Create your own wall art decoration

You’ll find the DIY wall art tutorial using masking tape in german here.

Wish you a good day, à bientôt.

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