Peny Creative on Pinterest

April 19th, 2017

On the blog’s menu today: Pinterest. The largest catalog for daily inspirations and beautiful pictures is now well-known, but just imagine — as I created an account in the early 2010’s, a secret code was needed to register!.

So after some years it was time to refresh my boards and the content under my company name Peny Creative. One step back from the fashion & DIY blog, my Pinterest is now more dedicated to small retail businesses as well as creative people willing to collect worthy tips, inspirations and addresses for a conscious, local though stylish living.

Peny Creative Services: Discover many ideas for better living and for your business in retail around style, organization and DIY on Pinterest

Pinterest actually brought me much further by its diversity than I initially thought. The last event in mind: a Pinterest dinner last month, with some crew members as well as other Swiss bloggers. This platform is my favorite thing, close to Instagram.
‘Stylish Store Details’, ‘Working Spaces’, ‘Wrapping & Packaging’, ‘Swiss Addresses’… I tried to make a cool mix of ideas and things for many of us.

Enough said, visit me here >