The Real Benefits of Slow Fashion in Your Life

April 6th, 2016
The real benefits of slow fashion your life: time and money sparing by Virginie Peny

Hearing about sustainable production is not becoming that unusual nowadays. Slow fashion, on the contrary seems to be less represented. To me it’s much more than just an economic issue, ‘to buy less and better’. Basically it could all start at home. Or let’s say, in your mind.

Let me explain!

The real benefits of slow fashion your life: time and money sparing by Virginie Peny Jacket by Berenik

We all know that featured trends praised on the web as well on paper are everything but timeless. Your closet might be already full, as was mine – at least last year.

Meanwhile I did a textile detox, which was more than necessary. It took eight months, and ever since I feel reborn. I got rid of more than half of my former closet content. So today I’m glad to talk about this experience and the benefits of slow fashion in the daily life. These benefits came quite quick.


1. A particular relationship with each garment starts.
Personally I love all the pieces I decided to keep. And it’s mutual: some pieces are like lucky charms, others are more functional. Most importantly none of them is getting bored.

2. Sustaining certain know how and values just make happy. Only the sight of a ‘Made in Portugal’ tab makes my day. Knowing that these people work in decent conditions is a good start in the slow fashion story telling.

Benefits-2-Slow-Fashion-Virginie-Peny-DIY-Fashion-Blog Solid silver bracelet ‘Plus grand que l’univers’, Un Chic Fou

3. Outfits are being upgraded, in quality and creativity. I only kept the essentials and fancy items. The materials better fit together. Call it harmony! Next to this I also gained in creativity, daring more and experimenting more than before.

4. Time sparing (not kidding). Not only because I stopped losing it in the fast fashion shops. As I said there are much less clothes in my closet. Inevitably, there are less items to take care of. Smile!*


5. Money sparing. Obviously not because of the price itself, rather regarding the investment. On the mid and long term. The materials don’t get damaged or dyed after few washes. It’s magic!

On this happy note, I warmly recommend you to discover, if not already known, the Fashion Revolution. Its global action tends to make brands communicate on their production mode. I’ll also take part in the coming Fashion Revolution Week from 18 until 23 April 2016 in Zurich. My program: a DIY workshop on Thursday 21, as well as a selling stand on Saturday. See the full program now! Would be nice to meet some of you guys.

Happy day and ‘à bientôt’.

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