Runway to Retail

October 17th, 2016

“See Now, Shop Now — and Cry Later?”

This year’s Fashion Weeks are over, finally. I’ve been amazed by shows like Prada and Dries Van Noten, as usual. For their colorful and playful details, the timeless shapes. Though this time the enthusiasm vanished, just like that. First I didn’t know how to feel, then I found the concept of ‘see now, shop now’ quite sad.

We all know that everything in life is going faster, thanks to the Internet and the modern ways of living. My question is ‘does retail really has to be even more faster?’. It needs time to create, time to produce, time for retail buyers to decide… The deductive list is much longer, and what it means for the industry is heavy. Yes, I believe that this is actually the magic about Fashion Weeks and retail: time is it, that makes a collection desirable. Should we also talk about sustainability? Nope, because it’s by definition not sustainable.

Sorry Topshop, I didn’t enjoy watching the show. I can’t help thinking that if that kind of concept ever spreads itself, the industry could get nearer to the disaster.

Any thoughts?

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