Stratham Heights Sandals by Timberland

April 21st, 2014

There are some surprises in fashion design sometimes — indeed a real positive one today. We all know the classical, cult and quite masculine beige Timberland boots. With this boot background, launching a women sandal style sounded to me like a real challenge. Indeed a bit risky.

Somehow my doubts flew up when I discovered the first collection pictures of the Stratham sandals, that I mixed on this mood board with some of my own stuffs:

Discover the Stratham Heights Sandals by Timberland: Read more on the style blog.

This is the same authenticity and natural spirit than we all know from the brand, the lines are classic but timeless. The wide heel provides comfort and stability. Light crampon sole give that chic around a bit style that I expected of that model. These are available in four colors, the leather material ensures quality finishings, specific to Timberland.

I already figure them out with denim, white shirt and straw accessories… Spending summer time with Timberland sandals might finally be my next thing.

New collection ‘Stratham Heights’ by Timberland.

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