Sweet Home

December 27th, 2011
Christmas time at home, Virginie Peny

I really hope that everyone of you is enjoying holiday time! And because pictures are better than 1000 words, here are a few snapshots of my week at home! I love to spend long evenings with my parents and brother, watching old movies, and to find old stuffs in my closet that i forgot

New this year: i’ve got a new room, with a new painting on the walls.

Christmas time at home, Virginie Peny

Vintage DIY broach on the top; Evita Peroni hair jewel; Monnet black necklace;

Marc Jacobs bracelet; vintage earrings; personal rings

Angora sweater H&M Viktor Rolf, Virginie Peny

H&M sweater, Viktor & Rolf collection 2006

Read this week, Elle Magazine/ Virginie Peny

Hand-made fur chapka and Indian beaded purse, Virginie Peny
Hand made faux-fur Chapka, Indian beaded purse

Swimming pool

Home Decor, Fashion books. Virginie Peny

french chocolate

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