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Ethno Shades at Savannah Chic

December 14th, 2014
Virginie Peny wears Savannah Chic jewelry: Small Victory necklace and bangles

If you live in Switzerland, you might have heard about the ‘Fashion Hotel‘ event, hosted in 25hours Hotel in October where each room was occupied by a fashion label. It’s been a very interesting time -and it’s also where another precious meet happened! The label ‘Savannah Chic’ creates Afro-inspired jewelry since 2008 whose production is […]

Daniel Wellington/ Classy Watch

September 4th, 2014

Mixing classic items with unconventional pieces doesn’t only suggest some creativity, but proves that it might worths it, not to take fashion too seriously. I like this idea anyways. One example with this ‘Classy’ watch by Daniel Wellington. The label focuses on timeless designs for both men and women, with a clever removable strap system. I’m currently […]