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Jungle Folk and the ‘Nieve’ Hands Knitted Jumper

November 6th, 2016
Wearing the hands knitted jumper in alpaca wool by the Swiss sustainable brand Jungle Folk. Read more on the blog!

I recently came across this quote from Suzy Menkes. ‘Today’s greatest fashion luxury is found in things touched by human hands’. These words echoed in my head. It’s actually kind of true, since it refers to handwork, present in many fashion (luxury) products. Such as shoes and accessories, for example the ‘made in Italy’. However, […]

EnSoie Jewelry, My Essentials

October 30th, 2016
EnSoie Zurich Jewelry Letter Charm Pendant. Read more about my essentials on the blog and discover the new Atelier Jewelry collection inspired by sewing tools

Something changed over the last years. Even though I, among others, still like this necklace — I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anymore. It sometimes feels like wearing a costume. My current personal collection is limited to a few rings, chains and maybe few earrings. However, during one of my visits to my favorite Swiss […]