Thank God… It’s Friday!

November 9th, 2012

Remember here, I told you about this DIY project with Annabelle Fashion Daily some time ago… This week I’ve been featured in the new magazine edition -see 20/12 Ausgabe… Merci beaucoup à toute la team!

Anyways, the week has been really busy particularly for Matthias (my webmaster, see the page bottom) with long blog updates… The summer header is out, that’s true but I wanted to finalize a bit more than that. I think we have finally reached an ideal blog design and content that match both my expectations and, I hope so, yours.

Let me give you some explanations to the “new” layout:

1. In order to let more place to the main Blog page, “Treasury” has been deleted -you know, the other page where I usually published a mix of fashion, jewels and others inspiration finds. The most relevant posts have been classed in a new category, “Treasuries“. Easier!

2. All of my costumes and outfits are now to find in “personal outfits“.

3. I’ve been often missing a mini-shop where I could share with you my shopping finds. Let’s be clear, I’ve never has that much clothes to sell. Now the shop is alive under the name “Shop” and on the bottom of the main page : )

4. there is nothing more difficult for me to write about… me. I hope it’s the last time for a while!

5. coming soon: a new “Links” page where I’ll set up my favorite links AND addresses.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

So we’re heading to Zürich today, tonight it’s Friday party! and if you already want to see what I’ll wear, rendez-vous on Facebook or Instagram! Happy weekend everyone!

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