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The Jelly Sweater.

The sun shines, the fall colors look amazing and it’s finally weekend!.. What else?

Wearing my new DIY jelly sweater ; I’ve worked that story out! Remember last post i’ve cut small scales in exercise covers, since then i’ve been hesitating long time : where and how applying them?

I finally sewed them on the shoulders of a fine nude sweater. I love the nude and red color together!

Wearing a DIY sweater from H&M on a American Apparel jersey tube dress, H&M jacket, Wolford tights, Vigneron wedges/ Bracelets and ring: Marc Jacobs & vintage./

About that DIY/

Cut small scales (about 60 pc) from a colorful exercise book cover, and sew them one after the other, from the bottom to the top, on shoulders -or anything you want- of a tee or a fine sweater.

The result must look irregular, so don’t try it on straight lines like an elastic belt for example..

Have a wonderful weekend!

Comments on this post:

  1. cute little sweater, love the pink & white combination! plastic is so perfect in the sunlight, always a nice effect!

    by absolutely mrs k, 29. October 2011
  2. Very good job, congrats!

    by YM, 29. October 2011
  3. so SO pretty!! the sweater is super gorg too! X

    by Bianca, 30. October 2011
  4. Wow this is an amazing idea! And it looks sooo great too!
    Why don’t you check out my GIVEAWAY! There’s much to win 😉

    by Kathi, 30. October 2011
  5. hey, that’s cool! such a good idea!


    by agnes szucs, 30. October 2011
  6. Incredible job – I’m inspired! You are stunning!

    by ACC, 30. October 2011
  7. Nice job and very nice hair cut.

    by magisahel, 30. October 2011
  8. Love the outfit and I adore your DIY — brilliant!!

    Fashion Translated

    by Christie, 31. October 2011
  9. Sweets, you look amazing. This DIY is a wonderufl and lovely idea!!! <3

    by Nahna, 31. October 2011
  10. You did a beautiful job transforming this top, I love the colour of the embellishment! The wedge boots are awesome, love the overall look!

    by bravoerunway, 1. November 2011
  11. heheh how cute! :)

    by Sabrina, 1. November 2011
  12. Ce DIY est canon et rend super bien!!!

    by Emelie, 12. November 2011
  13. C’est trĂšs joli, lĂ©ger et surtout: c’est une idĂ©e fantastique! Bravo. Une petite question : tu cous les Ă©cailles Ă  la main? le plastique n’est pas trop rĂ©sistant? En tout cas c’est vraiment rĂ©ussi. :)

    by Dorine, 29. November 2011
  14. Merci Dorine! Oui l’inconvĂ©nient, c’est de devoir coudre les Ă©cailles Ă  la main, mais le plastique est trĂšs souple donc aucun problĂšme!
    A bientĂŽt! xx

    by virginie, 1. December 2011
  15. How do you wash it?
    I want to do it but its a question that i have in my head for a while…

    by Alexa, 8. June 2012
  16. @Alexa: you can hand wash it, cold water 30°c. And let it dry on a flat area, that’s what i did for my sweater, it works well! xx

    by virginie, 8. June 2012
  17. great ! i love it !

    and i share it on my blog, here :

    i hope you like it ; )

    by modeuse timbree, 1. October 2012

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