The Last Lines

May 31st, 2017

It’s 28°C outside. The sun shines bright on my Mac… and on the pile of papers accumulated on my desk. Writing the next blog post is at the top of my to-do list. It shouldn’t be a big deal, I’m just used to the routine. I mean… there are so many things and ideas I would like to share with you! Inspiration for me is always at the corner. But somehow, I always manage to postpone the task… especially when facing a proposition to meet friends at the lake. Uhh. Or should I say ‘yeeeah?’.

Having spend 7.5 years here on the blog – my ‘second home’ — I am feeling it’s time to say goodbye. What seemed impossible only a few months ago has now become reality. The blog is simply no longer in line with my new objectives. I turned it all around, there’s no way!

When I started, back in 2010, there were only few DIY blogs. So different from now! I had no clue, at the time, what blogging was about. For me, it was a question of ‘learning by doing’. The whole project brought me much further that expected. I knew it would never be my main business, I actually hated the idea of being a ‘blogger’ but by doing so, I got to meet fantastic people and get involved in really cool projects. 

May I remind you of a few of them ?— first while living in Austria:

DIY TV record with the German channel RTL,
DIY print page for UP the Paper Magazine,
DIY print page for Grazia Germany

then while in Switzerland,

Style articles for Zalando,
DIY articles for Annabelle Magazine,
DIY articles for Style Notes by Samsung,
DIY videos for Zalando

and more generally, the enthusiasm shown by the press for my work. Allright, this is a very last blogger-like-picture for you guys. No make up of course. ‘Loads of laughts’! Well, I could also mention that time when I get my hair cut. Kind of… pixie-cut.

Not that we’re attending the Oscars or so, but hey — 7 years is quite long. I have to let it go:

I would like to thank my family and friends that helped and encouraged me along the way, as well as a few people who will certainly recognize themselves: Florina, Julia, Viviane, Romano & Christian, Vivi, Bea & Günther, Iosif, David, Ulrike, Charlotte, Andrea, Jill, Ricco, Matthias, Eric, Mira, Gian & Katja, Luca, Piero, Pascal & Chiara, Veronique. Sorry if I forgot some of you.

The tear rolling down my cheek is as warm as the gratefulness I’m presently feeling. Have to admit that I’m also happy to create stuffs only for me, without having to report on it. What I’d really like to say is: never ever stop to dream, and to act. Nothing is impossible.

And most of all, I’m happy to invest some extra energy for my ‘retail mission‘. Wanna follow me in my next adventures? Head on to Instagram : ) The online shop is going on, and all my other channels are still live. Except Twitter, that thing really get on my nerves!!

See you there, or in another life! — with this sound track:

With love, from Zürich,

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