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The Margiela Sweater

As I’ve found this picture from the french Elle magazine last month, this Margiela sweater became a real obsession. For sure he’s a genius, we’re actually used to see only knitted wool, so this piece does really have something else.

I was so fascinated that this week I experiment it on a basic jersey tee -since it has something common with this one.

I didn’t say that the result will be THE SAME as on Margiela’s one, I’m just looking for the threads range effect.

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

First I choose a large men tee since it has to be comfortable. Ok, I didn’t cut the sleeves, I could have added an elastic strip on the waist. It’s a test! But it works, isn’t it, what do you think?

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

I wear it with a similar printed shirt underneath, which looks interesting.

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

Self-made thread tee,

La Fraise printed tee,

H&m jeans and scarf,

vintage bangle,

Minelli derbies.

Might you have 10 mn during this weekend, you should definitely try! –just need a basic tee or, even better, a printed tee! and scissors.

Simply fold the tee as on the picture below,

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

Cut a range of fringes/ I advise you not to cut to far under the sleeves, you should stop at the shoulder line. (view last pic!)

Margiela Sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny

Return the fabric on the right side and follow the lines on each direction (up and down).

the Margiela sweater/ Couture & DIY Virginie Peny


So, I’m going for a little shopping tour right now, I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Comments on this post:

  1. Absolutely beautiful and great blog!

    Redhead In Law

    by carla, 22. January 2011
  2. this is awesome! if i end up finding some tees im definitely going to try this. i’d still like to see if you could take an old knit sweater and make the diy. :)


    by michelle elaine, 22. January 2011
  3. You mean if I could do the same as Margiela’s one, by knitting it or if I could do one for you?
    Actually both options are possible, I just don’t want to be mean that I copy something since it’s not the concept of this blog. :)
    I hope i answered correctly to your answer! thank you very much, xx

    by virginie, 22. January 2011
  4. this is fantastic! i may just have to try this myself : )
    thanks for posting

    by Kristen, 22. January 2011
  5. AMAZING IDEA: i love you website! such a cute layout and amazing DIYs, hope you’ll visit again soon!!

    i’d love it too if you want to exchange link 😉

    by Emily, 22. January 2011
  6. cette une idee fantastique! Je preferais le look avec un t-shirt sans print, mais j’adore le t-shirt diy. haha mon francais est nul, desolee!

    by melmo, 23. January 2011
  7. J’adore !! Superbe idée !!

    by Elza Sokolovski, 23. January 2011
  8. WOW amazing idea! And OMG such a nice Blog 😉
    I love it!!!

    by Fie, 23. January 2011
  9. Wow, that’s such an amazing DIY! I really love how easy it is to do that! You’re so creative!! xoxoxooo

    by Shin, 24. January 2011
  10. I love this. I like your version better than the original! Great job!

    by Nikole, 10. January 2012

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