The Simple Life: It starts in the IKEA Kitchen

September 6th, 2015
Hello raw food, bye bye ready to eat food

Just before summer, I felt the irreversible need to have less things in my life. To drive a simple life. Means to eradicate the ‘too much’ that surrounded me, from the superficial to the useless stuffs, even if they seem to embellish life at first sight –they’re simply toxic. It didn’t come from one day to the other, it’s been a long process actually. As a new beginning right before my thirtieth birthday in August ! Welcome to the club, 85’s kids.

In the daily life, it basically started with making sorting. Among the relationships, then of course at home –and first in the kitchen. Food, packaging, tidying up : I checked up everything. At the end of August I attended the IKEA event ‘Celebrate everyday cooking’ and get my conviction reinforced.

Hello raw food, bye bye ready to eat food

Hood box via IKEA

From this presentation the results showed that most of the people don’t cook. Barely go into the kitchen. They buy meals outside, eat quick and in front of the TV. Really mad, not ? Food and its lifestyle’s impacts are huge on the health, nothing new.

In June I started to determine the kind of food that really fits to me, and get off most of the rest: exit cow milk and its slide products, cheese and yoghurt. Ready to eat food and sausages. White meat and fish are okay, only once per week. Loads of seeds and plants, vegetables and fruits. Sometimes pasta, but vollkorn. Sugar, kinda rarely.

At STUDIO 468 in Zurich: It's all about cooking with IKEA

Back to basics : Put some green in your life, and in your plate

This way I started naturally to cook, because I had no other choice -I mainly have raw stuffs at home. It’s not about long prepared recipes but really quick and tasty things, made in less than 30 minutes. The more you cook, the more inspired you get. Besides of this I’m feeling much better, with more energy.

At the IKEA event we’ve had the chance to cook with an italian head chief. Our four persons table did a lemon aspergus carpaccio which was delicious. Like the other things we had to eat that night!


With Patrizia from Lilaliv blog, annabelle blogger colleague

IKEA just introduced the quality label MSC to fish that is served to the restaurant. It’s a good start ! For my part I tend to privilege small fishes like sardines that might contain less toxic materials.

More transparence, less supermarkets : Get the packagings off

What if having food in glas, transparent jars would be more than helpful to deal your daily cooks?

It limits wastes, and time.

Glas jars and hood containers in the kitchen

Prefer glas jars to preserve food

After four months test, to me it’s CLEAR than the container itself is essential. The visibility on your food is not only better, glass material is anyways healthier than plastic. It also offers some creativity. Since this revolution I tend to do innovative mixes. For example broccoli cooked with coconut oil, fine cut dates and pine nuts. Simple and perfect.

So yep, get some cleaning in the kitchen has more impact than you think, believe me. There are many cheap possibilities around glas containers, for example with recycling marmelade jars for raws nuts. Think to label each one if them!


Basically it doesn’t take me much more time than before. My energy is spent differently, visiting less supermarkets and go directly to Small producers, on the markets. It costs a bit more, but at the end I have less waste. Still remember of the fruits I bought at the supermarket some time ago ; Inedible within 24 hours. What a pity.

At STUDIO 468 in Zurich: It's all about cooking with IKEA

It’s been a nice experience to share this story with you, started in the kitchen and continued with IKEA. It might have a follow up in my bathroom, loads to do there as well !… #beautyanditsindustry. Also coming soon here : A closet cleaning. Stay tuned.

You may don’t find your way in this kind of revolution. Pick up what you think it’s good for you, it all takes it time. And let children help, cooking is sharing.
Are you curious about the new IKEA catalogue campaign ? Watch the video with Helmut Karasek, german literary critic. I laught a lot !

Thanks to the IKEA team for this beautiful night, and see you soon for the next post. Just arrived in Paris where I’m attending the MAISON & OBJET trade show. More on Instagram, and next here !

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