Upcycling Video: Turning a Top Into a Skirt

June 13th, 2016
Upcycling DIY: Transformer un Haut en Jupe par Virginie Peny

There are many reasons to stay creative — even if the summer didn’t show up until now. Last week I started to prepare my upcoming DIY event in Zurich at the Opia shop, ‘Upcycling is the new black’. Really glad to share my experience with customers from this store. We will work on last season’s collections as well as on people’s items. The idea remains to do more with less!

So this is how I came to realize this mini video about turning a top into a skirt. The shop also produces its own clothing line with fair production in Thailand. And when sometimes things go wrong, it’s time to give them a new life.

DIY Upcycling: Turning a Top into a Skirt by Virginie Peny

One of this pieces was a basic linen top, a very nice piece which had some fails. I wanted to optimize the material use, so I thought keeping the sleeves and sew them on the front. Watch the video and small tutorial here:

The idea also fit to men shirts and straight tuniques, you definitely should try it!

Make sure you follow me on Youtube to get all updates! Stay tuned, the season just started.

Hope you liked the upcycled skirt, à bientôt xx

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