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February 22nd, 2017
DIY coat experiment: Two coats in one, by Virginie Peny.

I know I have already said this before: timing is everything. In this case, it is truer than ever! This is the story of a saffron cashmere coat from the 80’s that belonged to my grandma. When she gave it to me, I was still young and full of energy – that was back in 2013. Three big sewing sessions and four years later, I can finally say I have transformed it! And I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result… This is the way I currently like to wear it.

DIY coat experiment: Two coats in one, by Virginie Peny. DIY coat experiment: Two coats in one, by Virginie Peny.
Coat, upcycled.
Wearing a Nudie Jeans, 0038 Italy silk shirt, Sandro purse and Converse sneakers.

Enough said, let’s focus on the DIY process. Over the last years, I found inspiration from several different sources.
Like here, from Maison Valentino.

The idea of combining two coats in one has always been in the back of my mind. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out! More or less. Explanations needed?

The collar is from another coat, and I thought the tweed would add a je ne sais quoi to the original coat’s color. This is when it all started. That was the fun part. The transformation of the sleeves quickly became a nightmare. It took me two years to really understand how to reverse them and find the right materials. In the end, the shape of the sleeves grew larger. The original saffron color was kept, but the material changed to corduroy.

And yes, I even managed to find a fake fur that matched the color tone of the collar. And that’s about it. The idea was not to make a carnival coat with too many colors out of it, so I played with the textures instead.

Witness the full DIY process in the video:

I hope you liked it, feel free to share ! These are some days of work – I might never ever do it again. : )

Grandma, this post is dedicated to you. You taught me to sew, and I’m more than thankful and happy for all this knowledge brought into my life.

Wishing you a good week, take care. V

English text by Veronique Tremblay

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