Want a Printed Pant?

July 28th, 2010

I love it when my mother send me some magazines from France. (“Elle” is my favorite one, and I would immediately subscribe again the day it’ ll possible to get it in EU foreign countries.)

However, God bless Elles! -My mom AND the magazin.

In Elle and in Grazia Germany as well they all talk about the printed pant, and of course I was looking for one…

As I remembered of a maxi skirt I sewed 2 years ago.

And one hour later..

I get my printed pant. But I regret not to have a printed blazer to mix the prints as on the Elle magazine. Just a python bag, but it’s nice so!







Jacket, Zara

Tee, Bbnk

Printed pant, self-made

Bag, Mùtton

Flats/ Ballerines, Repetto

Jewels, Bala Boosté/ vintage/ Monet.

You want the same? Then Do It Yourself!

1. Find a maxi printed skirt with an elastic waist.

Maxi Skirt

2. Reverse the skirt and set out a curve like on the picture (about 35 cm from the waist on the top, and about 18-20 cm on the ankle). Sew the length and finish the hem correctly.


That’s all!

Oh, will introduce you my new clutch next time!

Have a nice day, hope you have more sun than me! 🙂

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