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White lace

Hi girls!

I hope you’re feeling not too desperate during those days, the weather is a little bit capricious… Keep good spirits and think about summer which will come back, hopefully in few days!.

Till then I guess we could deal with white lace for an easy DIY in only 20 minutes!


You need a simple white tee-shirt, white lace and all usual supplies.

What you need

1. Take some measurements in order to cut raglan sleeves; about 3 cm on the top and draw a line until the sleeve’s end.


2. Cut both sides.

Raglan sleeves

3. Then cut the same sleeve sample in the white lace +1 cm, for each side;

Lace sleeves

4. Turn the tee over on its reverse side and pin the lace on it. Sew the sleeve’s length slowly.

sew it.1

Sew it.2

It should look so…

at the end

When you are finished with sewing, wear your tee shirt to see where you have to cut at both sleeves end. I personally take the advantage of lace (it doesn’t need an hem) so I cut in a zigzag form to emphasize a rock style.



DIY white lace tee, origin American Apparel

Grey jean, Nafnaf

Boots, Paco Gil.

So, have a nice weekend & see you later!

neue Kollektion Herbst_Winter 09

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  1. Pas mal du tout! N’y aurait-il pas une version en noir?

    by Ninie, 8. May 2010
  2. Pas mal la version en noir, je vais voir ça! 😉

    by virginie, 10. May 2010
  3. Très sympa ! ça change une tenue basique en tenue branchée !

    by Lily, 10. May 2010

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