Winter 2012 Essentials

October 17th, 2012

I have to admit that there’s still one topic that I don’t often talk about… Essentials pieces. And I’m still wondering why, because I truly think that people largely underestimate the power of those basic but indispensable items. I mean, it’s just an amazing feeling to wear a great basic and to be satisfied with it over months and years, don’t you think?

Yesterday I wrote for the first time an (non exhaustive) list of everything that I would NEED this season: a wool cardigan in grey or black, a poplin white shirt, a long sleeves t-shirt, a mid-long black jacket, a knit jumper and a coat in a versatile way -will develop this notion later!

Qualitative, timeless colored items that I could easily match with some highlights of my closet. Although the fact that I do really love color and details, I swear not to buy anything else but this list. I have to be strong.

Of course everyone should be able to set up a price limit to these purchases, for my part I first decided to ban materials like ‘elastan’ or ‘polyester’ tee-shirts and ‘acrylic’ knits. I personally would never spend 200 € for a single tee, where price does not mean necessary quality, that’s why I love brands like Stefanel and COS for tee-shirts. Here are 2 great mid-seasonal pieces that I own.

Turtle neck Stefanel tee, classic short sleeves by COS.

So I’m still looking for the mid-long jacket, knit jumper and ‘versatile’ coat, but I might have found the 2 first items:

1. Wool cardigan like this one by Bruuns Bazaar via Zalando, in grey or black. Did I really paint it orange? Oh my!. and 2. The poplin button shirt T by Alexander Wang via My Theresa

Just perfect!

What about you, did you already made a needlist -or a wishlist- of things you absolutely want this season?

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  1. Beautiful post – love to see yout drawings.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have the habit of making lists.., maybe it’d help me if I wrote things down and sticked to the list and to the items I ‘really need’. I get tempted too often and, as a result, my priorities change too often as well 🙁

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