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October 19th, 2012

What about a small DIY session in my workshop, right before the weekend? It is also the last post before the launch of a new project on Monday, so stay tuned!

So here are some ideas that you could also use at home, not necessarily in your workshop. Recycling as well as upcycling not only offer a wide range of stylish ideas, but also the possibility to spare some time and money!

Gift paper rolls are becoming ribbon hangers, this way I immediately see what I need…

This is an old frame for children get on a flea market some time ago whose front mirror has been lightly broken while our moving. Now it is a perfect sewing box! Keep the broken side upside down and apply a ribbon tape along the side.

Vintage vases now contain buttons and other small sewing furnitures,

And basic chocolate box holds small beads. Done!

Any other DIY ideas guys for the office? Share them here! I wish you a great weekend, “see you on Monday!”…

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  1. This is so cute and such a good idea – it would also work for jewellery. Oh… I’d love to be a bit like you and use my time to make cute and useful things like these!

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